Multiple Videos in One!

Published on Sunday, May 14, 2006 in

Thanks to YouTube's Playlist feature, I can now bring you more than one video in a single post!

In the filmstrip on the right, you can either click any of the videos you see there, or use the arrows to scroll back and forth through the list to see more videos of mental feats from YouTube. This post will automatically be updated as I add more videos to it, so bookmark this post, so you can easily check for updates!

If you wish, you can simply bookmark the list on YouTube. You are also free to post this video collection on your own blog or website, without hosting a single file! Simply copy the code in the box below, and paste it into your blog or website where you want the player to appear:

Update (4/11/07): Unfortunately, YouTube has changed their software so that only the first 20 videos of any playlist show up. The full Amazing Mental Feats playlist is still being updated, but they will unfortuantely no longer appear in the multi-video player.

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