Paul Szauter

Published on Saturday, May 13, 2006 in ,

Out of all the memory performances I've come across, I'd have to say that Dr. Wilson's Memory Elixir is my favorite. When performing a memory feat, it's all too easy to give it an "I'm smarter than you attitude". Paul Szauter's answer was to create the fictional Dr. Wilson, who sells his highly suspicious Memory Elixir. The genius of this presentation is that the audience has a way to feel superior to the performer, which takes the edge off of the "smarter than you" attitude, as well as making the whole thing enjoyable.

As with David Rosdeitcher, I am unable to find any video, but there is audio of Dr. Wilson's act available on his press page. Especially interesting is the Maine Public Radio interview on Pi Day (3/14), in which you can hear clips of his performances and his memorization of a dictionary.

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