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Stefan Pochmann is German, but he really feels Canadian. He has several videos of his puzzle work available, but I'd especially like to draw your attention to his Rubik's Clock video.

Rubik's Clock, for those who aren't familiar with it, was a two-sided puzzle that featured 18 clocks (9 on each side), all of which only have hour hands. When you start, each of the 18 clocks point to various hours, and your challenge is to set all the clocks to 12 o'clock. The first obstacle you face is that setting the hour on one clock will always change one or more of the other clocks, as well. The other obstacle you face is the four buttons on the puzzle, each of which can be up or down, and which change the relationship of which clocks are affected by which other clock.

In the video link above, Stefan Pochmann solves this puzzle in only 10 seconds. If you want an idea of how maddening this puzzle can be, you can try the Javascript version for yourself.

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