Towers of Hanoi

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The Towers of Hanoi is a classic puzzle with three pegs (“towers”). One one tower are stacked 3 or more discs, and the object is to move all of those discs to either of the other pegs, stacked in the same order. There are two restrictions: 1) You may only move 1 disc at a time, and 2) you cannot place any disc on top of a disc that is smaller than itself. Before watching any of the videos, try it here (Javascript required, opens in a new window).

At this writing, you can find 3 different videos of people solving the Tower of Hanoi puzzle on YouTube. The above video, featuring 7 discs, is the first. The second video, featuring 6 square plates, is in Spanish. Finally, if you have 1 second more (literally), you can see the third video, done as a stop-motion video with 6 onion rings from Red Robin!

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