Michael Larson

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I've featured Michael Larson on here before, having to remove the entry when the video itself was removed. Michael Larson is the person who, in 1984, figured out and memorized the sequences of the lights on the "Press Your Luck" game show. This enabled him to both avoid losing turns and rack up over $110,000 in prizes! This feat is especially incredible considering that even the top champions on any game show went home with only around $40,000.

Naturally, CBS poured over the show to determine if he was somehow cheating. They did figure out that he memorized the board, but the CBS standards and practices committee ruled that he was only using legitimate information and must be paid. They also decided that the computer program running the board needed to be overhauled before the next show.

The video is at YouTube, and is broken into Part 1 and Part 2. You can also see the footage in a single part on Google Video.

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