Ari Gorman

Published on Wednesday, December 13, 2006 in

Meet Ari Gorman, who has a most unusual talent. He can speak, and even sing, backwards!

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Tony Vance
1:33 PM

Finally, someone who can do the same thing I have been doing for 27 years.
My name is Tony Vance and I can also talk and sing backwards. I didn't know I could do it until I was a junior in high school.
A few of my friends and I got together one night and were trying to say things in reverse. We were just fooling around saying little things and we tried doing full sentences, and I started rattling things off left and right. They were all amazed and couldn't believe how I could do that.
Since then, I could never find anyone else who could do this as good as myself until now.
I know you're not supposed to put people down, but that guy who has been on Letterman and Carson
doesn't do it right.
I am a bass player and it would be kinda neat if Ari and I could get together and play songs and talk backwards.
If there is any way somebody could get this message to Ari, I would love to meet him.
I have included some words for you to figure out with my own pronunciation key setup.
If you know them, write me back.

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