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Animaniacs fans will definitely remember Yakko Sings the Nations of the World. It's one thing to do it in a recording studio with the words in front of you. However, the voice behind Yakko, Rob Paulsen, can sing the entire song from memory, as well!

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5:40 AM

What's so impressive about that? I can do that too, and several other Animaniacs songs too (e.g. Wakko's US states and their capitals, the US presidents song, etc.)

3:38 PM

Granted, there are several videos of people on the internet who have memorized the various Animaniacs tunes.

I thought this one stood out because Rob Paulsen actually does the voice for Yakko Warner. It would be easy enough for him to say, "I'm glad everybody enjoyed that, but I don't have it committed to memory." However, he took the extra step and memorized it.