Welcome to Grey Matters Videos!

Published on Thursday, May 11, 2006 in

Welcome to the new video section of Grey Matters! I can't really call this a vlog (video blog), as these videos are not of me giving my thoughts. Instead, Grey Matters videos is intended to be an archive of people performing amazing mental feats, including memory demonstrations and lightning calculations.

When possible, I will try to embed the video in the entry itself, but there will also be entries to which I will simply link to the videos. Originally, I intended the videos to simply be available as a list in the rightmost column, where they are still available, but this list didn't give me room to describe what is being performed on the video, and why they were added to the list. Thus, I have added an entire video section.

The comments will always be on, so if you have any any comments, or suggestions where I can find other videos, please let me know!

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