Chinese Rubik's Cube Competition

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Granted, my recent video entries have been a little focused on the Rubik's Cube, but that's only because I've managed to find plenty of impressive Rubik's Cube entries.

This video clip is of a Rubik's Cube competition on CCTV, a Chinese television station, and is almost 17 minutes long. The entire clip is in Chinese, but it is still quite easy to follow.

Before the contest itself, there is some discussion of Rubik's Cube variations, including Square 1, the Professor's Cube and Megaminx.

Next, the contestants perform demonstrate their talents. The first contestant quickly creates an L-shaped pattern on each side, which gives an amazing cube-in-cube look to the puzzle. The next contestant demonstrates his ability to solve the cube with one hand. The final contestant, picks up two solved cubes, and turns them each one handed until their sides read “CCTV”!

Finally, there is the competition itself. The challenge is to solve three randomly-scrambled Rubik's Cubes in the shortest amount of time. Who will win? Watch the clip and find out!

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