Saying the Alphabet Backwards

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One simple, yet impressive, ability is being able to say the alphabet from z to a backwards. It can be learned in a surprisingly short amount of time, and with a little practice, is not difficult. The above video is not the only video of someone reciting the alphabet backwards. For example, Katie Wong can do this, as well.

The two aforementioned videos, however, are rarities in their own way, however. They're the only two I could find on YouTube which are done while sober (Update 6/24/06: I've found a third video of someone sober saying the alphabet backwards.). Almost every other video on YouTube, in which people are saying the alphabet backwards involves people drinking. I guess being able to say this while drunk would be handy, at least if this clip from Reno 911 is any indication.

If you would like to try learning it yourself, one simple way is to learn it like you probably learned it forwards, with a song. Thanks to The Famous, you can now learn a song for the bakcwards alphabet (Video courtesy of Eric Rice).

If you have difficulty learning it any other way, there is one other simple way to respond, if you're ever challenged to say Z to A backwards.

Update 6/25/06: On Google Video, there's a video of “Tyler” saying the alphabet backwards.

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